Elsia and annia toddlers and their dog in the park play and he gets sick! Annia and Elsia require the dog to the vets to be sure he's fine. Can Barbie mend your dog at the vets? The aid of Barbie is needed by another dog, and Anna and Elsa toddlers receive an enjoyable surprise. Watch this video to find out what the surprise is, and revel in watchi… Read More

What do the Annia and Elsia toddler dolls get up to in the memorial after dark. Annia and Elsia its dark at the museum at night. The toddler's Anna and Elsia to wish to wind up need to spend a night in the memorial when they proceed to discover the lost toy.The toddler dolls Anna and Elsa adore the memorial and go there for the day. The frozen toy… Read More

Anna and Elsa toddlersWhat do toddler Anna and Elsa toy dolls get up to when they get back home from school? In this video, you can watch Anna and Elsa toddlers getting gifts for doing great in their own spelling test, doing their homework, petting their cute dog, performing their after school routine Elsa and Anna playing with their toys and bein… Read More

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